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We're building a culture at Tuteria where exceptional people who want to make a difference can do their best work, solve challenging problems and grow their careers. We're on a mission to change the way people teach, learn and access education—and we could use your help.

Tuteria is a mission-driven, education company

We're passionate about making quality personalized education accessible to everyone. We help learners connect with the best teachers and educational content, while also empowering people to earn income by teaching what they love.

In doing our work, we often find ourselves thinking about solutions to a similar set of questions in everything we do. If you're already thinking about some of the following questions, chances are high that you’ll love your work at Tuteria.

Student having 1-on-1 Common Entrance lessons.


How can we make personalized education to be affordable and accessible to everyone?

This is the fundamental question that informs everything from product to marketing. We believe the best forms of education revolve around the learner's unique needs, interests and style.

How do we make high-quality education more personalized and radically affordable for learners of all ages—from preschoolers to adults? How can we help equip them with the skills they need to thrive in school and life?

Montessori teacher studying with early years learners.


How might we best support, motivate and empower great teachers?

For people to learn, they need great teachers. Africa is facing a severe shortage of teachers - requiring nearly 20 million new teachers by 2030 to meet its learning needs.

How do we make teaching prestigious and attractive? How can we equip our family of teachers with the best tools to teach effectively and motivate them to give their best? How do help them become financially stable and respected?

Photography enthusiast learning with an expert.


What new learning opportunities can we create for teachers and learners using technology?

When Tuteria started, we made it possible to hire teachers for almost anything - from photography to cooking, languages and even sports! We've helped learners explore their passions, and created exciting businesses for teachers.

What other opportunities can technology make possible for teachers in Africa? Which new frontiers would learners pursue, if they had better access to learn what they care about? How can we accelerate mastery of 21st-century skills?


How do we build a business with a heart that attracts and grooms the best talents?

There's this notion that a business must be ruthless to succeed. We think there's a better way. One where Tuteria is successful, because we've helped our teammates and customers succeed. We want our teammates and customers to be happy.

What are the best ways to attract, invest in and retain exceptional talents? How best can we support their personal and professional growth to help them succeed at work and life?

People who do great work deserve great support

We care about creating a remarkable employee experience that transcends salaries, benefits and perks. But we know that these matter as well. So here're a few resources we offer to help our team excel.

Health Insurance

We offer comprehensive medical insurance that covers a variety of health, dental and visual needs.

Fitness & Wellness

Stay fit with subsidized gym membership, and talks on stress management, nutrition and more.

Smoothie Thursdays

Free catered lunch and smoothies on Thursdays, as well as snacks on other days to keep you going.

Learning development

Teammates get annual stipends to invest in their professional education - from books to exams, conferences and e-learning.

Housing assistance

We provide relocation grants and subsidized housing plans for team members who need to relocate or who have difficulties with housing.

Employee stock options

We all work incredibly hard to build a great business, that's why every teammate gets access to a share of company's stock.

Paid annual leave

Everyone gets 10 days of fully paid annual leave and are warmly encouraged to use them.

Parental benefits

We take 12 weeks of fully paid maternity leave and 6 weeks of fully paid paternity leave to spend time with our families.

Smart, kind colleagues

Learn and grow with exceptional colleagues who’re invested in your personal and professional development.

Our values

These are principles that describe who we are, and who we hope to be. They guide how we act, the decisions we make and how we work together at Tuteria.

Champion the Mission

Act like an owner. Embrace challenges with grit, think 3 steps ahead and follow through. Be deeply interested in making a difference. Think big, think long-term, embrace and drive change. Be brave. Have fun.

Be Kind and Considerate

Love your teammates and our customers (even when they make it hard). Spread happiness and positive vibes. Be generous with thank you and sorry. Lift people up with respect and empathy. Practice tolerance. Accept everyone.

Pursue Growth and Learning

Be curious. See every situation as a learning opportunity. Be eager to tackle new problems. Experiment and make new mistakes. Strive to get a little better at something, every day

Lead with Transparency

Share your work often. Openly seek critique. Have the difficult, honest conversation as soon as possible. Get it off your chest

Communicate Clearly

Simplify - refine ideas until they’re easy to explain. Say exactly what you mean. Take care to confirm that you’ve been understood

Insist on Excellence

Remember that merchants are trusting you with their livelihoods. Please give this responsibility your very best. Don’t pass the buck - take ownership of your responsibilities, think three steps ahead, and follow through. Be a domain expert your team can rely on. Deliver consistent excellence, and require it from others.

Do More with Less

Be resourceful.

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